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  • EN705 Polyurethane Residue Remover

    EN705 is a safe alternative for removing cured polyurethane from machinery, machine parts and mixer heads. Non-hazardous polyurethane remover that is recommend for use on stainless steel.

  • EN706 Polyurethane Removal Product

    Unique alternative to other polyurethane removal products that offers effective cleaning and low health and safety risks. The concentrated gel formula can be used on all metals to remove cured polyurethane residues.

  • EN710 PU Foam Remover

    Non-Hazardous alternative to methylene chloride and other pu foam remover methods. The unique formula is suitable for use on mild steel as it will not tarnish the metal but will effectively remove cured polyurethane.

  • EN730 Inhibited Parts Washer, Degreaser & Cleaner

    Inhibited parts washers removes residues of polyurethane chemical cleaners from machinery and parts.

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