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Fumigate is a certified aerosol sanitiser for use in office environments, communal areas and public transport. It kills viruses on all surfaces and will also remove viruses from air conditioning units.

Comes in boxes of 12.

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Fumigate is a revolutionary method to clean and sanitise an area without the need for manual cleaning. Certified sanitisation to BS EN1276 and EN1650 standard, Fumigate delivers a mixture of alcohol and quaternary disinfectants. The simple to use aerosol sanitiser will disinfect an area of 75m³. This equates to a standard room size of 6m x 5m (based on a standard room height of 2.4m).

Fumigate will kill all viruses including COVID-19, quickly and effectively and will prepare areas for ‘return to work’ applications. Fumigate can also be used ongoing to sanitise an area daily.

Supplied in a 150ml aerosol sanitiser charged with alcohol and quaternary additives that are distributed via a fogging system.

The alcohol used in Fumigate will kill viruses on contact by emulsifying them and breaking down their protective fatty layer. The quaternary additives disintegrate the fatty layer whilst also providing additional long-term protection called a ‘dirty condition sanitiser’.

A dirty condition sanitiser remains active on a surface that is dirty and has not been manually cleaned. It leaves an invisible film over surfaces, providing ongoing residual efficacy against viruses being transmitted through touching surfaces.

As this is an ‘area’ treatment, through fogging it will access every area it can reach. From fabric surfaces such as chairs and carpets, to more intricate surfaces where viruses can stay hidden from manual cleaning such as light switches, keyboards and telephones. If Fumigate comes into contact with it then it is sanitised in seconds!!

Where can this be used?

1. Use on all forms of public transport at the end of the day or shift – from buses & coaches to cars & pool vehicles.
2. All offices – after daily/nightly clean your cleaners can set off Fumigate last thing before they leave the room.
3. Communal meeting areas such as meeting rooms or conference rooms.
4. Canteens or areas where numbers of people congregate.
5. Areas where you may have lots of visitors i.e. reception desks.

Fumigate is very easy to use and no specialist equipment is required to apply it. Being certified to BS EN1276 & EN1650 standards for disinfection, you can be confident any area treated is clean and virus free.

Comes in boxes of 12.

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Is this safe to use around humans?
We do not recommend this being used while people are present. The combination of alcohol and biocides will make you cough and will be an irritant when the product is being dispersed. However after the product has dispersed and settled on the surfaces it is safe for humans to be in the area. If you need to return to an area before the suggested overnight dwell time, we recommend a minimum of 1 hour to allow the product to settle, then ventilate the room for 15 minutes.
What is BS EN1276 & EN1650?
These are the standards ASLL biocides and disinfectants are tested to – from hand sanitisers alcohol-based gels to surface cleaners and disinfectants. Fumigate meets and exceeds BS1276 & EN1650 certification standards.
Can I leave my air conditioning on?
Yes, but on a low setting and re-circulating as Fumigate will also sanitise the air conditioning system. However if you are wanting to sanitise surfaces, you want to allow the aerosol to disperse and settle without being sucked into the air con system
How often do I need to use?
For an area that is not widely used or needs sanitising the product will keep the area sterile for 2-3 months if unoccupied, if the area is in daily use then you will need to treat daily and we recommend at the end of the day.
Can this replace manual cleaning process?
For cleaning general dirt and dust, no. For deep cleaning or sterilising an area it is better as the product does not rely on manual contact from a spray or cloth as it will cover and sanitise every object, item, surface it comes into contact with.

How to use

  • 1

    Shake can for 10-20 seconds

  • 2

    Close all doors and windows and place the can in the centre of the area to be treated.

  • 3

    Remove lid and fully depress the top button until it clicks and locks in to place.

  • 4

    Vacate the area immediately, closing any doors behind you.

  • 5

    Close the area for a minimum of 1 hour, preferably overnight.

  • 6

    If returning to the area within the 24 hour period, ensure the room is ventilated for 15 minutes.

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