About Us

Low Hazard

All of our products have been formulated to pose the smallest possible risk to health and safety, reducing the need for dangerous chemicals such as Dichloromethane (DCM or Methylene Chloride, methylene bichloride), NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone), NNP, etc.

Global Shipping

We ship our goods globally, so wherever you’re based we can deliver right to your doorstep.


Our chemical-based products are biodegradable and we also use safe and natural beneficial bacteria for certain applications, meaning our products are much kinder to the environment and work in harmony with nature and the natural environment

10+ Years Expert Knowledge

Working in unique sectors, with unique machines and processes requires knowledge and understanding. We have over 10 years of expert knowledge in the cleaning, polyurethane and land remediation sectors.


Endless Applications

Our Team Members

Andrew Hiron

Managing Director

Andrew is our founder and managing director, he oversees all processes at Bio8 Industrial Ltd.

Cara Hiron

Accounts Manager

Cara is responsible for looking after anything finance or accounts related here at Bio8 Industrial Ltd.

Products made in the UK

We’re proud to say that all our products are manufactured in the UK. This allows us to have full control of the formulation and make any changes when new regulations come in to force.

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