Tyre Mark Removal

Non-Hazardous Tyre Mark Removal

Rubber Tyre Marks are notoriously difficult to clean and remove as rubber is an inert material and standard floor cleaning chemicals have no effect on it!

Historically we have seen many different solutions from the use of flammable solvents to ‘melt’ the rubber, to the use of metal ‘paint scrapers’ to try and peel the rubber from the floor… and in one by using Cola to try and dissolve the rubber. None are very effective and some extremely dangerous!!

Heavy Duty Tyre Mark Remover

Our EN701 Heavy Duty Rubber Tyre Mark remover is a proven product which safely and effectively ‘liquifies’ the hard rubber and making removal easy.

EN701 can either be used manually for spot cleaning or in conjunction with an automated floor scrubber drier cleaning machine. It is pH Neutral and will not damage concrete or existing quality epoxy based floor paints or safety line markings, making tyre mark removal much quicker and hassle-free.

For more information on our Tyre Mark Removal Products why not take a look at our “how to remove rubber tyre marks” instructions or visit our Tyre Mark Removal Products Page or Document centre for an up to date TDS or MSDS.

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