Livestock Slurry Treatment


Slurry….without the worry

Slurry is an important resource for all farmers, but it comes with significant challenges and dangers that have to be addressed and dealt with.

In its raw (and untreated) state animal slurry is very concentrated and can create problems in terms of being able to fully utilise the nutrients in the slurry.

You need to protect against these nutrients from breaking down and creating Slurry gas in the form of Hydrogen Sulphide (H²S), which is highly poisonous and has claimed several lives in recent years.
Slurry-Flo is an organic bacterial slurry inoculant (commonly called slurry bugs) used to break down and reduce slurry pit crusting.

Increasing the liquidity of slurry allows the ease of slurry handling, pumping and its distribution. Whilst also retaining more nitrogen in the slurry to increase nutrient value available to crops and reducing odour emissions.

Slurry-Flo uses billions of organic micro-organisms that work 24 hours a day ensuring your animal slurry is kept in an ideal condition to reduce odours, crusting and harmful slurry gases.


Maximise your Muck!

All bacterial slurry treatments deliver liquidity, reduce gases, and increase nutrient availability, but can your plants and crops utilise these nutrients effectively?
It’s sensible to maximise your yield with the rising costs of fertiliser and fuel.
The ability to maximise and control the delivery of nutrients from slurry through spreading is not just common, but also great financial sense in getting the maximum performance for your £.

Slurry-Gro delivers bacterial strains directly to the root zone of crops.

These multiple strains of bacteria are able to process the nutrients and helps the plant biologically process and deliver the nutrients in a form the plants can absorb easily.

This is a totally different approach to a standard Slurry product as the focus is on the plant, rather than the slurry.

By treating your slurry with Slurry-Gro it becomes a ‘biofertilizer’ full of plant beneficial bacteria.
Billions of living micro-organisms are delivered directly to the soil via the slurry, colonizing the rhizosphere of the plant and its capability to process nutrients needed for strong, fast growth of the crops.
Slurry-Gro control of the release of nitrogen to the plant roots, along with solubilising the precious resource of phosphorus, the creation of auxins, and many, many more benefits allows you to maximise the value from your muck!

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