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Non-Hazardous Waste Slurry Treatment

Animal slurry is a combination of a valuable resources to farmers, but also a potential deadly resource responsible for many deaths every year!

Common causes of death are falling into the pit or the release of poisonous gas called ‘slurry gassing’ where Hydrogen Sulphide (HշS) (used as a poison gas in World War 1) quickly fatally attacks farm workers when slurry crusts are broken or following agitation of the slurry. HշS even becomes odourless at high concentration due to the desensitisation of the olfactory nerve.

We have created a bacteria-based slurry inoculant to effectively, and naturally resolve issues associated with the storage and production of animal slurry be it Bovine, Ovine or Porcine, as well as maximising this resource as a ‘free’ fertiliser.

“How do you maximise the benefits of the animal slurry, but at the same time minimise the risks to health and safety of farm workers?”

Common issues include crusting, pumping blockages, Lumpy and uneven distribution during spreading, ammonia/nitrogen overloading and emissions, poor quality fertiliser with low nutrient values and of course foul odours.

Our slurry solutions use a blend of aerobic and non-aerobic beneficial bacteria and natural bio-stimulants to maximise nutrient value and reduce safety risks of animal slurry.

We use a unique blend of task specific bacteria strains at a high market-leading concentration level to ensure peak results throughout the seasons and in a variety of slurry storage options. Our bacteria has been specifically selected for its enzyme production and ability to rapidly break down cellulose – meaning even the most robust and woody straws and grasses will soon form part of a free flowing and homogenous liquid slurry to reduce slurry clumping and increase flowability.

We also add a few extra natural ingredients to promote bacterial growth and mobility through the slurry to create a top-quality finished slurry suitable for acidification and spreading without the same need for mechanical intervention.

Water Based Lapping compound to Sharpen Industrial Hedge Trimmers and Reel/Gang Mower Blades

Our water based gel allows the fast and easy sharpening of cutting edges for commercial hedge cutters, trimmers, and reel/gang mowers.

Our products are safe to the environment and non damaging to plants and grasses and any residue will wash away with water. Cutting edge is applied to the blade edges to clean and sharpens blades in seconds.

This is a safe alternative as there is no requirement for mechanical sharpening.

This can be used to refurbish old and blunt blades as well as keeping new blades in top condition.

Cutting edge can be used on site, without the need for other equipment or maintenance ensuring a top quality cut no matter where the machine is situated.

Available in 3 different grades:

  • Cutting Edge 1 – Fine grade (220 grit) for ultra fine finishing
    for ornamental of fine finish cutting such as golfing greens, cricket wickets, croquet lawns, etc or quick daily maintenance.
  • Cutting Edge 2 – Medium Grade (120 grit) for fine finishing
    for large mowers maintenance of low cutter gang mowers such as fairway mowers, green mowers and trim and surrounds mowers.
  • Cutting Edge 3 – Coarse grade (80 grit) for rough sharpening
    for maintenance for gang mower and low cutters or rough mowers

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Products made in the UK

We’re proud to say that all our products are manufactured in the UK. This allows us to have full control of the formulation and make any changes when new regulations come in to force.

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