Gang & Reel Mower Sharpening Products

Gang & Reel mower sharpening products

The cutting edges on hedge cutters, gang & reel mowers blades can quickly dull and go blunt leading to poor cutting quality and slower cutting times.

They can also be easily damaged through stones and hard objects which can impact the blades and damage the blades.

Developed for golf courses, sports fields, sporting venues and municipal organisations it allows quick sharpening on-site without the machine needing to return to the depot.

This means that while the machine is on-site and the operator can tell there is a problem, they can quickly and easily solve the problem and continue the work, rather than continue with a poor-quality cut, or having to stop cutting.

Or alternatively after every use the blades can be quickly cleaned and the cutting edges honed to the required sharpness in a matter of minutes ready for the next days use.

What is Cutting edge?

Cutting Edge from Bio8 is a water based cohesive gel, that is also commonly called a Lapping paste or Back lapping paste.

It enhances the performance of cutting using different grades of silicon carbide grit incorporated into a water based cohesive gel that can finish your blades from coarse to fine cutting edge dependent on your needs.

It’s extremely simple to use, safe to transport and apply, and any residues are water based and just wash away with water.

How to use?

Choose what finish you need:

  • Cutting Edge 1 – Fine grade (220 grit) for ultra fine finishing for ornamental of fine finish cutting such as golfing greens, cricket wickets, croquet lawns, etc or quick daily maintenance.
  • Cutting Edge 2 – Medium Grade (120 grit) for fine finishing of large mowers maintenance of low cutter gang mowers such as fairway mowers, green mowers and trim and surrounds mowers.
  • Cutting Edge 3 – Coarse grade (80 grit) for rough sharpening or maintenance for gang mower and low cutters or rough mowers
  1. Adjust blades cutting edges and fixed cutting plate to be level and within @ 1mm of each other.
  2. Apply the gel to the blade edges and/or the fixed cutting plates edge with a brush.
  3. This can be done whether the blades are static or running in reverse ‘lapping gear mode’, however great care and precautions must be taken with any moving components!!
  4. Run the machine for 1 minute, stop, review blade edge and repeat process if necessary, until required finished edge is achieved.
  5. Re-adjust gap between blades to fixed cutting edge as required.
  6. Rinse off any residues with water

Why choose Bio 8 Industrial Ltd?

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Products made in the UK

We’re proud to say that all our products are manufactured in the UK. This allows us to have full control of the formulation and make any changes when new regulations come in to force.

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