Uncured Polyurethane

Uncured Polyurethane Cleaning Solutions

While Polyurethane (PU) is a strong and versatile material, it’s durability can often be a draw-back.

If you’ve been involved in the manufacture or use of it you will know the effort required to remove PU residue. Not to mention the difficulty of keeping tools and machinery operational and clean.

Uncured/wet polyurethane is incredibly sticky and highly difficult to clean – leading to many wasted and messy hours.

At Bio8 Industrial Ltd we have developed a combination of products to remove uncured polyurethane – the PU can be flushed cleanly from mixing/dispensing systems or simply washed from tooling – preventing the need to pause production for extended periods in order to clean and maintain machinery and remove hardened PU.

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Products made in the UK

We’re proud to say that all our products are manufactured in the UK. This allows us to have full control of the formulation and make any changes when new regulations come in to force.

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