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Non-Hazardous Floor Cleaning Solutions

Ongoing floor cleaning and maintenance is essential to ensure health and safety standards are kept to an acceptable level and in many cases floors look dirty through tyre marks rather than actual physical dirt. Despite this companies still use standard surfactant based floor cleaners in the forlorn hope that it will keep floors clean, however dirt just binds with the tyre marks and becomes inaccessible to standard floor cleaning products.

High quality floor cleaners work with the ability to cut through dirt and normally have a very small window of ‘contact time’ between being applied to the floor at the front of the scrubber drier to being vacuumed up at the rear.

In terms of distance this is only 1.1m for a walk behind floor cleaner and 2.4m for the very biggest ride on machine. This just shows that every bit of contact time you have needs to be maximised!!

Without a quality surfactant system you may also experience wet floors flowing use of the scrubber-dryer which can create further risks and difficulties.

Whilst a surfactant (soap) cleans it also reduces the surface tension of the cleaning solution on the floor.

“What does this mean?” I hear you say… well it means that water or a low-quality surfactant can bind and actually create tension with the floor so that the floor does not want to release it’s ‘grip’ , preventing all of the dirty water from being vacuumed up. This creates a slip hazard and means floors aren’t being cleaned effectively.

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