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Contaminated Land Bioremediation & Hydrocarbon Removal

The demand for old brownfield sites is increasing to solve the problem of residential land shortages, but many sites can be contaminated as a result of historical industrial processes meaning the earth can be damaged and contaminated, mainly with hydrocarbon pollutants.

Before this valuable land resource can be re-purposed the contamination needs to be removed or treated on site. The costs to mechanically remove and replace these contaminated soils are prohibitive, therefore the need for in situ remediation has increased.

Our proven bacterial blend

Our proven ‘task specific’ blend of extremely rugged and highly efficient beneficial bacteria break down waste and Hydrocarbon based materials such as petroleum and crude oil.

This means our products can be used in a simple ‘oil spill response’ as part of a clean-up operation to stabilise contaminated soil and groundwater.

However, more commonly our products are used on an industrial scale either on site where contaminated soils are kept in situ, or at ‘soil hospitals’ or soil treatment centres, where the key for success (and profit) is a fast remediation of the soils!

We use a blend of aerobic and anaerobic bacterial strains to ensure efficacy in a wide variety of applications from soil washing to bedrock injection.

In soil remediation time is money. Due to the volumes of soil and the costs to move and aerate the piles of contaminated soil, the ability to reduce remediation times, and increase availability of physical areas for storage and release ‘clean’ soil for use is vital.

Using our products, you can easily and effectively remediate land on a commercial scale – to do our bit for the environment and ensure the safety of all (residents) in the future.

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Our Bioremediation Products

Our products look to reduce the amount of time contaminated soil is stored in-situ and accelerate the remediation process by using a synergistic system.

This way the bacteria is ‘encouraged’ to grow by providing a nutrient solution to support the growth of the introduced Bio Surge Bacterial Blend and also importantly ‘encourage’ any indigenous (existing) natural bacteria into activity through natures’ competitive process.

We have created a simple and adaptable treatment involving the added benefit of natural bio-stimulants to boost bacterial activity and performance of not only our own bacterial blend but also the indigenous bacteria already present in the soil.

Products made in the UK

We’re proud to say that all our products are manufactured in the UK. This allows us to have full control of the formulation and make any changes when new regulations come in to force.

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