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Non-Hazardous Graffiti Removal

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Our EN685 Non-Hazardous Plastic Safe Graffiti Remover is a blend of solvent free chemicals that loves plastic but hates graffiti!

Bus stops, advertising hoardings and signs are easy and visible targets for graffiti and cleaning them can present many difficulties.
The plastics used in these structures are highly transparent for visibility, and therefore often soft and flexible to curve around different structures making them a easy target for graffiti artists!

Even when harder plastics are used they can become brittle through exposure to UV rays and the elements, so harsh chemical based graffiti removers (such as NMP or NNP) and can melt and make them opaque, or chemically scarred after only one treatment.

EN685 Plastic Safe Graffiti Remover has all the power and aggression a graffiti remover needs to quickly dissolve permanent marker pen ink, spray paint, shoe polish and lipstick amongst others!

It is easily and safely applied by simply spraying onto the surface, allowing 10-30 seconds contact time and simply wiping away the inks and paints as they start to dissolve.

Tough on Graffiti…….. but kind on your plastic

Leaving the plastic surface undamaged. Simply spray on, leave and wipe clean.

Our professional plastic safe graffiti remover can remove the need for expensive bulky equipment to remove graffiti saving time, money and effort.

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