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UK based company

Based in Chesterfield Derbyshire, we are suitably placed to cover the whole of the UK; from distribution to site visits, we’re never far away.

Environmentally friendly products

We try to make sure that all our products are as environmentally friendly as possible. Not only do we want to conserve the planet, but we want to make sure our products are safe to handle and easy to dispose of.

10 years of expert knowledge

Working in unique sectors, with unique machines and processes requires knowledge and understanding. We have over 10 years of expert knowledge in the cleaning, polyurethane and land remediation sectors.

Products made in the UK

We’re proud to say that all our products are manufactured in the UK. This allows us to have full control of the formulation and make any changes when new regulations come in to force.

High performance, low risk products

Our products not only perform a lot better than more traditional methods, but they are also a lot safer to handle and work with.

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