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Slurry-Flo – Bacteria & Enzymes Treatments for Animal Slurry

Slurry inoculant using bacteria to ensure slurry kept liquid and mobile and maximising fertiliser nutrient values.

  • 1 Box = 24 Tablets
  • 1 Box treats up to 600,000L / 132,000 gallons of Slurry.

Beneficial Nutrients

Slurry is an important resource for all farmers, but it comes with significant challenges and dangers that have to be addressed and dealt with.

In its raw (and untreated) state, animal slurry is very concentrated and will dry out and become solid or create a crust, and can create problems in terms of being able to fully mobilise and utilise the nutrients in the slurry.

The beneficial nutrients are a valuable resource and commodity for any farmer, but unless managed correctly they will break down forming a surface crust and create Slurry gas in the form of Hydrogen Sulphide (H²S) that builds up under the crust, this is highly poisonous and has claimed several lives.

SlurryFlo is an organic bacterial slurry inoculant (commonly called slurry bugs) that used to break down the solids within the animal waste and reduce and prevent the possibility of slurry pit surface crusting.

By increasing the liquidity and mobility the ease of slurry handling, pumping and its distribution is dramatically improved, reducing fuel costs and also wear and tear on machinery such as pumps and mixers.

The biological mass also retains more nitrogen in the slurry to increase nutrient value available to crops, and also reduces odour emissions.

Features of Slurry-Flo:

Slurry-Flo uses billions of organic micro-organisms that work 24 hours a day ensuring your animal slurry is kept in an ideal condition to reduce odours, crusting and harmful slurry gases.

Slurry-Flo comes in simple to use, dissolvable tablets that are added to a bucket of warm water, left for a few minutes and then added directly to the slurry store.

These ‘bugs’ (bacteria & enzymes) have been chosen for their task specific activity on the components of slurry, and once activated by dissolving in water they target the waste stream.

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How to use

  • 1

    Work out how many litres/gallons of storage you need to treat

  • 2

    INITAL Treatment USE - 2 tablets per 25,000L / 5,500 gallons - this quickly establishes bacterial colonies in slurry

  • 3

    Add the tablets to a bucket of warm water , stir and leave for 20-30 minutes to activate

  • 4

    Add contents of bucket to slurry pit and ideally mix in or distribute, try and add below crust for best result

Maintenance Dose

  • 1

    Use 1 tablet per month per 25,000L / 5,500 gallons to keep bacterial colony numbers high

  • 2

    In hot/dry weather add water to ensure slurry has enough moisture for bacteria to work

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