EN685 Non-Hazardous Plastic Safe Graffiti Remover

Solvent free graffiti cleaner that can be used on all surfaces to remove graffiti and ink. As it contains no solvents it is safe to use on plastics and will not tarnish their finish.

EN685 Non-Hazardous Plastic Safe Graffiti Remover

Solvent Free Graffiti Cleaner – Removes printing inks residues and Graffiti in seconds without damaging the surface.

Alternative to solvents for cleaning printing inks

EN685 is an alternative to solvents for cleaning printing inks from machinery and rollers and many printing companies are moving to EN685 from solvents for the following reasons:

EN685 is a fast and effective cleaner for printing inks and uses 100% energy on cleaning rather than evaporation. This means that customers use on average 25-30% of EN685 compared to common solvents.Our graffiti remover is plastic safe and therefore, helps clean the Perspex windows on printing machines without fear of making the plastic opaque through burning. Also cleaned floors, printing machines, print rollers and any other item that is contaminated with printing inks.

How to use in Industrial Applications:

Plastic Safe Graffiti Remover

EN685 is also a fantastic product to use as a graffiti remover as it can be used on plastics. Essential when used on soft plastics such as Perspex, PVC, polycarbonate, etc. Clear plastics like these are easily damaged and made opaque when a non-plastic-safe graffiti remover is used to clean them. Because they burn and melt the surface of the plastic.

Formulated to remove unsightly graffiti without damaging the surface. Ideal for cleaning plastics susceptible to damage caused by the solvents in contained in traditional cleaners.

Also, formulated to remove a wide variety of mediums, commonly used in graffiti including spray paints, marker pens and even household gloss paint. Designed to be absorbed in to paint and break it down leaving the surface untouched. This avoids the fogging, melting or staining the surface. Furthermore, used on any non-porous surface including metal, plastic coated metal, glass, polycarbonate and all other plastics.

To conclude, this it ideal for car parts, doors, windows, street furniture, advertising hoardings, public toilets, flooring and bus shelters/timetables.


How to use

  • 1

    Use neat and spray directly onto graffiti

  • 2

    Leave for 10 seconds and then agitate/wipe.

  • 3

    Stubborn marks may need longer contact or repeated applications

  • 4

    Wash clean with water or soap solution

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