EN706 Gel Polyurethane Residue Remover

Unique alternative to other polyurethane removal products that offers effective cleaning and low health and safety risks. The concentrated gel formula can be used on all metals to remove cured polyurethane residues.

EN706 Gel Polyurethane Residue Remover

Removes cured polyurethane residues from large items that are hard to be soaked.

While polyurethane is a brilliantly versatile material, it can pose a challenge to those who use it to manufacture products. No matter how much care you take it is impossible to avoid PU residue. This may be caused by over runs and spills or just build up from regular use.

Additionally, no matter how it happens, cured polyurethane residue can radically reduce the efficiency of a machine and its components and if not cleaned will seriously shorten its working life.

Many components can be removed and soaked in EN705 solvent free polyurethane residue remover, allowing residue polyurethane to be simply brushed away. In many situations, it is either not practical or even possible to soak an effected area. EN706 solvent free polyurethane residue remover gel offers the same great cleaning power as EN705, but in a gel format. This allows it to be painted directly onto cured polyurethane, where it will penetrate and break its bonds. Furthermore, this will soften the polyurethane allowing it to be easily removed.

EN706 is formulated to combine great cleaning with low hazard levels. Also, EN706 does not contain dangerous solvents or harmful chemicals like Methylene Chloride (DCM), NMP or NEP. This removes many of the issues with storage or use posed with traditional products. Furthermore, EN706 is also much more environmentally friendly than traditional products removing many of the issues regarding disposal after use.

Suitable for use on aluminium and stainless steel.

Other Polyurethane residue removal products

EN705 Solvent Free Polyurethane Residue Remover

Ideal for detachable items that can be soaked to remove cured Polyurethane residue (Only aluminium and stainless steel).

EN720 Solvent Free Polyurethane Flushing Compound

Ideal for flushing Polyurethane residue from machinery and clearing non cured Polyurethane

EN710 Anti-Rust Polyurethane Remover Liquid

Ideal for items and surfaces made from metals easily corroded. (Iron, Copper, Zinc and some Alloys)


How to use

  • 1

    Use neat on cold surfaces for best results

  • 2

    Cover area to be cleaned liberally with gel and leave for a minimum of 2 hours

  • 3

    Wipe off with clean cloth, stiff brush or paint scraper and remove residues from steel with EN730

  • 4

    Avoid extended contact with steel or plated metals

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