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EN712 High Performance Industrial Floor Cleaner

Industrial floor cleaner solution that has been designed for regular use on warehouse and commercial floors. Can be used for either manual cleaning or in scrubber dryers and is fully biodegradable.

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EN712 is a High Performance industrial floor cleaner solution for either manual cleaning or for use with a scrubber-dryer.

The high quality surfactants ensure a thorough cleaning ability to remove common dirt and grease from floor surfaces. Whilst maintaining high dilution rates to provide a very cost effective product, without compromising on performance.

Most commonly used on warehouse floor type applications, it lifts dirt and removes residues leaving floors to dry quickly, which reduces slip hazards and potential injury claims

EN712 industrial floor cleaner solution is environmentally-friendly and fully biodegradable.

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Is this safe for all floors?
Yes, it will work on bare concrete floors or painted floors alike.
Will it remove grease and oil?
Yes, but at a stronger dilution rate of 40-50:1
Will it remove rubber tyre marks?
No, EN714 or EN715 is much more effective on tyre marks and EN701 for really heavy tyre marks is best

How to use

  • 1

    Trigger Spray/Spot Cleaning: Dilute 50:1 with water

  • 2

    Scrubber Dryers: Dilute 50:1 for heavily soiled/oily surface. Dilute 100:1 for normal cleaning

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