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EN714 Industrial Floor Cleaner with Wax

Unique industrial floor cleaner that emits a small electrical charge to releases dirt from the floors surface to allow for easier cleaning. Also contains a wax to protect floors from further dirt build ups and allow for easier maintenance.

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EN714 Industrial Floor Cleaner with Wax

EN714 Industrial Floor Cleaner is a heavy-duty floor cleaner for use with scrubber dryers.

It creates a small electrical charge that releases the dirt from the surface. Customers have found that replacing traditional hard-surface floor cleaners with EN714 / EN715 has dramatically improved cleaning performance and floors have benefited from the superior surfactant technology in terms of general cleaning.

EN714 Features:

– Safe on paintwork, metal surface, glass and rubber
– Petroleum solvent free
– Non-caustic
– Biodegradable

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Will this remove Fork Lift tyre Marks?
Potentially if used neat and the marks are light. However, EN701 is designed for heavy tyre marks and is a better solution. EN714 will reduce tyre mark build up when used as part of your regular cleaning maintenance.

How to use

  • 1

    General Machine Cleaning: Use at up to 1:25 parts in water via propriety floor scrubbing equipment.

  • 2

    Use at 1:10 parts for manually cleaning heavily soiled areas.

  • 3

    Use neat on stubborn areas such as tyre marks.

  • 4

    Allow 2-3 minutes contact time before rinsing.

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