How can you clean forklift tyre marks from concrete warehouse floor?

Warehouse floors are usually a very sooth surface to allow good surface friction for Forklift trucks and other mechanical equipment for safety. The can be bare concrete which can be quite dusty or they can be sealed with either a permanent or sacrificial seal to reduce dust and porosity of the concrete.

The friction created between forklift tyres and the concrete will increase during turning or change of direction manoeuvres or braking , and especially under hard braking. The tyre will melt and bind to the floor, then quickly cool and become inery and solid.

In a matter of milliseconds, the tyre move from a solid to a liquid to a solid and these marks are very hard to clean and remove.
In extreme cases the rubber can be physically scraped from the surface, but this is rare.

In normal circumstances you are looking for a product to turn this solid chemically inert rubber compound that has stuck to the concrete into a liquid.

This is possible using a product such as EN701 Rubber Tyre Mark remover cleaning chemical which is a liquid cleaner. It quickly turns the solid rubber compounds into a liquid within a matter of seconds and minutes.

By changing the state from solid to liquid the rubber marks are quickly removed from concrete floors without damaging any painted floors or lines.

On bare unsealed concrete surfaces it is important to wet the concrete surface prior to applying EN701 as otherwise when the rubber is turned into a liquid the concrete naturally absorbs it, and leaves a mark that cannot be cleaned out of the concrete structure.

By wetting the surface you keep the liquified rubber on the surface and it can be easily washed away.
For sealed concrete surfaces there is no need to wet the surface prior to applying EN701 Rubber tyre mark remover as the rubber will remain on the surface.

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