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  • Con-Gone

    Biodegradable concrete and cement remover that offers excellent cleaning capabilities without contaminating land unlike other alternatives such as hydrochloric acid. Can be used to remove cured or uncured cement from tools and surfaces.

  • EN685 Plastic Safe Graffiti Remover

    Solvent free graffiti cleaner that can be used on all surfaces to remove graffiti and ink. As it contains no solvents it is safe to use on plastics and will not tarnish their finish.

  • EN701 Rubber Tyre Mark Remover

    Non-hazardous rubber tyre mark remover for removing tyre marks caused by forklifts and other vehicles. Works on multiple different surfaces such as concrete, resin and wood to safely remove tyre marks without damaging the floor.

  • EN705 Polyurethane Residue Remover

    EN705 is a safe alternative for removing cured polyurethane from machinery, machine parts and mixer heads. Non-hazardous polyurethane remover that is recommend for use on stainless steel.

  • EN706 Polyurethane Removal Product

    Unique alternative to other polyurethane removal products that offers effective cleaning and low health and safety risks. The concentrated gel formula can be used on all metals to remove cured polyurethane residues.

  • EN710 PU Foam Remover

    Non-Hazardous alternative to methylene chloride and other pu foam remover methods. The unique formula is suitable for use on mild steel as it will not tarnish the metal but will effectively remove cured polyurethane.

  • EN712 High Performance Industrial Floor Cleaner

    Industrial floor cleaner solution that has been designed for regular use on warehouse and commercial floors. Can be used for either manual cleaning or in scrubber dryers and is fully biodegradable.

  • EN714 Industrial Floor Cleaner with Wax

    Unique industrial floor cleaner that emits a small electrical charge to releases dirt from the floors surface to allow for easier cleaning. Also contains a wax to protect floors from further dirt build ups and allow for easier maintenance.

  • EN715 Industrial Floor Cleaner Liquid

    A unique industrial floor cleaning liquid that has all the cleaning capabilities of a regular cleaner, but with the added benefit of protecting floors and preventing the build up of dirt and tyre marks.

  • EN720 PU Flushing Compound

    Non-hazardous flushing agent for uncured polyurethane that offers superior performance over other pu cleaners such as Methylene Chloride.

  • EN730 Inhibited Parts Washer, Degreaser & Cleaner

    Inhibited parts washers removes residues of polyurethane chemical cleaners from machinery and parts.

  • Fumigate

    Fumigate is a certified aerosol sanitiser for use in office environments, communal areas and public transport. It kills viruses on all surfaces and will also remove viruses from air conditioning units.

    Comes in boxes of 12.

  • Motivate

    Highly concentrated bio stimulant to help stimulate rapid microbial growth in both indigenous and newly added bacterial strains in soil bioremediation projects.

  • Surge Hydrocarbon

    Unique bioremediation bacteria that work in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions to remediate contaminated soil and digest all traces of petroleum and petroleum based by-products.

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